The 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019

If you’re looking for a baby name that sounds cool or unique but is still well-recognized, Nameberry is a good starting point. The website just identified Posie and Milo as the top baby names for 2019, according to a new ranking spotted by HuffPost.

To be clear, names like Isla, Freya, and Aarav—all of which made the top 100 list—are not among the most common names being selected by parents. Nameberry is more interested in keeping track of the names that are trending at any given moment, which depends on the number of page views each name gets.

“While this list is not a measure of which names babies actually received in that month, it’s far more current than official baby name popularity lists and also can work as a tool for predicting which names may be destined to become more popular in the future,” Nameberry writes on its website.

Olivia and Atticus were the top names of 2018, but they both dropped to third place on the girls' and boys' lists, respectively, for 2019. For the girls, Posie and other classic, nature-inspired names like Rose, Iris, Ivy, and Violet seem to be making a comeback this year. As for the boys, Eastern names like Aarav (of Indian/Sanskrit origin), Aryan (of Indo-Iranian origin), and Bodhi (also Sanskrit) cracked the top 20.

Other trends to expect this year include ancient, biblical, and literary names (Ophelia, anyone?). Check out the top 100 names for girls and boys below, and visit Nameberry's website for the complete list of 1000 names.

Girls’ names

  1. Posie
  1. Isla
  1. Olivia
  1. Aurora
  1. Maeve
  1. Cora
  1. Amara
  1. Ada
  1. Amelia
  1. Charlotte
  1. Genevieve
  1. Ophelia
  1. Ava
  1. Rose
  1. Eleanor
  1. Lucy
  1. Astrid
  1. Freya
  1. Elodie
  1. Luna
  1. Adelaide
  1. Eloise
  1. Anna
  1. Adah
  1. Iris
  1. Violet
  1. Thea
  1. Adeline
  1. Evelyn
  1. Alice
  1. Jane
  1. Aurelia
  1. Elizabeth
  1. Nora
  1. Ivy
  1. Elsie
  1. Maia
  1. Imogen
  1. Hazel
  1. Esme
  1. Arabella
  1. Penelope
  1. Maisie
  1. Eliza
  1. Josephine
  1. Clara
  1. Lyra
  1. Willa
  1. Chloe
  1. Phoebe

Boys’ names

  1. Milo
  1. Jasper
  1. Atticus
  1. Theodore
  1. Asher
  1. Silas
  1. Jack
  1. Finn
  1. Henry
  1. Felix
  1. Aarav
  1. Wyatt
  1. Aryan
  1. Oliver
  1. Oscar
  1. Leo
  1. Bodhi
  1. Arthur
  1. Julian
  1. Louis
  1. Levi
  1. Ethan
  1. Soren
  1. Harry
  1. Eli
  1. Theo
  1. James
  1. Charles
  1. Jude
  1. Cassius
  1. Ezra
  1. Axel
  1. Otis
  1. Liam
  1. Emmett
  1. Charlie
  1. Aaron
  1. Sebastian
  1. Declan
  1. Elio
  1. William
  1. Thomas
  1. Caleb
  1. Lucas
  1. Benjamin
  1. Kai
  1. Alexander
  1. Elijah
  1. Owen
  1. August

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22 Facts About the Solar System

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Mental Floss via YouTube

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At the center of these bodies is the Sun, which is orbited by eight planets; more than 150 moons; and millions of meteoroids, comets, asteroids, and a handful of dwarf planets (sorry, Pluto). But it's the Sun—a.k.a. that shining, 4.5 billion-year-old star in the middle of it all—that accounts for 99 percent of the solar system's total mass. (Think about that the next time you're shading your eyes from its glare.)

In this all-new edition of The List Show, Erin is sharing nearly two dozen fascinating facts about our solar system, including the reasoning behind Pluto's demotion (blame it on Eris, the first known dwarf planet). For more out-of-this-world facts, you can watch the full episode below.

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The 20 Best TV Shows on Netflix, According to Subscribers

JoJo Whilden, Netflix
JoJo Whilden, Netflix

With thousands of titles to choose from, in the time it can take a Netflix subscriber to choose what to watch next, they could be two episodes deep into a new TV series binge-watch. But as Variety reports, a recent survey conducted by HarrisX and commissioned by MoffettNathanson is helping to reduce the amount of browsing you'll need to do by going straight to the source and asking more than 11,000 Netflix subscribers to cite their favorite shows that are currently streaming on the platform. And the results were somewhat surprising.

  1. Orange is the New Black
  1. Stranger Things
  1. Movies (Catch-all category)
  1. Ozark
  1. Grace and Frankie
  1. Black Mirror
  1. Lucifer
  1. The Crown
  1. The Office
  1. Friends
  1. Dead to Me
  1. Supernatural
  1. Daredevil
  1. The Ranch
  1. House of Cards
  1. Santa Clara Diet
  1. Jessica Jones
  1. 13 Reasons Why
  1. Fuller House
  1. Breaking Bad

As Variety notes, the fact that 15 of the 20 top favorites are Netflix originals rather than licensed shows means that the company will likely continue investing in original content. This might help them out when both Friends and The Office leave the streaming service in 2020 and 2021, respectively.