Kennection #243
What did Benjamin Franklin call "the best policy," and Billy Joel call "such a lonely word"?
Kennection #242
What grizzled old shark hunter owns the fishing boat Orca in Peter Benchley's novel Jaws?
Kennection #241
What 1990 movie won Whoopi Goldberg an Oscar for playing Brooklyn storefront psychic Oda Mae Brown?
Kennection #240
What's the only ingredient in Rocky Balboa's famous morning training drink?
Kennection #239
According to its full formal name, Tonga is the only nation in the Western Hemisphere to be what type of country?
Kennection #238
What breed of cuddly dog is Stephen King's rabid Cujo?
Kennection #237
What sweet food has been found in 3,000-year-old Egyptian pyramids—and was still perfectly edible?
Kennection #236
Since its 1969 debut on NET (National Educational Television,) what TV show has won 173 Emmys, more than any other series?
Kennection #235
A farmer saying "Gee!" is telling his horse to turn which direction?
Kennection #234
What guitarist was born in 1965 London as Saul Hudson, the "sweet child" of an artist who did Joni Mitchell album covers and a fashion designer who dressed David Bowie?